Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies

by Martin Dempster,Donncha Hanna
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Publication date:

Jun 2016


Martin Dempster,Donncha Hanna




About this book

Looking for an easily accessible overview of research methods in psychology? This is the book for you! Whether you need to get ahead in class, you're pressed for time, or you just want a take on a topic that's not covered in your textbook, Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies has you covered.

Written in plain English and packed with easy-to-follow instruction, this friendly guide takes the intimidation out of the subject and tackles the fundamentals of psychology research in a way that makes it approachable and comprehensible, no matter your background. Inside, you'll find expert coverage of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including surveys, case studies, laboratory observations, tests and experiments—and much more.

Serves as an excellent supplement to course textbooks
Provides a clear introduction to the scientific method
Presents the methodologies and techniques used in psychology research
Written by the authors of Psychology Statistics For Dummies
If you're a first or second year psychology student and want to supplement your doorstop-sized psychology textbook—and boost your chances of scoring higher at exam time—this hands-on guide breaks down the subject into easily digestible bits and propels you towards success.