Learn NodeJS in 1 Day

Learn NodeJS in 1 Day 1st Edition

Book Name : Learn NodeJS in 1 Day

Edition : 1st Edition | | ISBN : B01N7A4NFT

Category : Programming & IT

Format / Pages : PDF - 63 Pages

Book Description

Learn NodeJS in 1 Day pdf

Node.js supports both client and server side applications. It is based on JavaScript and is very fast in operation. These distinctive features made node.js as one of the most powerful framework in the Java Ecosystem. JavaScript alone allows you to build real-time and scalable mobile and web applications. With this e-book, you will explore more on the node.js framework and how to use it efficiently for web development.


Average developers or beginners who struggle to understand node.js basics will find this book very helpful and productive. The book tried to put examples that simplify problems usually faced by the users like how asynchronous code works, what are modules, how big file can be read, node.js express, etc. You will find that lots of concepts that take a long time to master can be learned in a day or two.


If this is your first interaction with node.js and don’t want all sort of troubles that arise with the node, this edition is recommended. After going through this e-book, node.js will become an absolute pleasure.



Table of content


Chapter 1: Introduction

What is node.js

Why use Node.js

Features of Node.js

When to use and not use Node.js

Chapter 2: Download & Install Node.js

How to install node.js

Installing node through a package manager

Running your first Hello world application in Node.js

Chapter 3: Modules

What are modules in Node.js

Using modules in Node.js

Creating NPM modules

Extending modules

Publishing NPM Modules

Managing third party packages with npm

What is the package.json file

Chapter 4: Create Server and Get Data

Chapter 5: Node.js with Express

What is Express.js

Installing and using Express

What are Routes

Sample Web server using express.js

Chapter 6: Node.js with MongoDB

Node.js and NoSQL Databases

Using MongoDB and Node.js

How to build a node express app with MongoDB to store and serve content

Chapter 7: Promise, Generator, Event and Filestream

What are promises

Callbacks to promises

Generating promises with the BlueBird library

Creating a custom promise

Callbacks vs generators

Filestream in Node.js

Emitting Events

Chapter 8: Testing with Jasmine

Overview of Jasmine for testing Node.js applications

How to use Jasmine to test Node.js applications

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