Mastering Reactive JavaScript

Mastering Reactive JavaScript 1st Edition

Book Name : Mastering Reactive JavaScript

Edition : 1st Edition | | ISBN : B01MR9B9RK

Category : Programming & IT

Format / Pages : PDF - 310 Pages

Book Description

Mastering Reactive JavaScript pdf

Key Features

  • Handle an infinite stream of incoming data using RxJs without going crazy
  • Explore important RxJs operators that can help you improve your code readability
  • Get acquainted with the different techniques and operators used to handle data traffic, which occurs when you receive data faster than you can process

Book Description

If you're struggling to handle a large amount of data and don't know how to improve your code readability, then reactive programming is the right solution for you. It lets you describe how your code behaves when changes happen and makes it easier to deal with real-time data. This book will teach you what reactive programming is, and how you can use it to write better applications.

The book starts with the basics of reactive programming, what Reactive Extensions is, and how can you use it in JavaScript along with some reactive code using Bacon. Next, you'll discover what an Observable and an Observer are and when to use them.You'll also find out how you can query data through operators, and how to use schedulers to react to changes.

Moving on, you'll explore the RxJs API, be introduced to the problem of data traffic (backpressure), and see how you can mitigate it. You'll also learn about other important operators that can help improve your code readability, and you'll see how to use transducers to compose operators.

At the end of the book, you'll get hands-on experience of using RxJs, and will create a real-time web chat using RxJs on the client and server, providing you with the complete package to master RxJs.

What you will learn

  • Get to know the basics of functional reactive programming using RxJs
  • Process a continuous flow of data with linear memory consumption
  • Filter, group, and react to changes in your system
  • Discover how to deal with data traffic
  • Compose operators to create new operators and use them in multiple observables to avoid code repetition
  • Explore transducers and see how they can improve your code readability
  • Detect and recover from errors in observables using Retry and Catch operators
  • Create your own reactive application: a real-time webchat

About the Author

Erich de Souza Oliveira is a developer with 10 years of experience, mostly in JavaScript, Scala, and Java. He has already worked for big companies and start-ups and currently works as a Chief Technology Officer for a brazilian video platform, called Winnin.

He is the author of Studio.js (microservices library for JavaScript) and can be found talking and attending South American conferences. He has a special interest in functional reactive programming, micro services, information retrieval, and recommender systems.

Twitter: @oliveira_erich

Github: @ericholiveira


Table of Contents

  1. What Does Being Reactive Mean?
  2. Reacting for the First Time
  3. A World Full of Change - Reactive Extenstions to the Rescue
  4. Transforming Data - Map, Filter, and Reduce
  5. The World Changes Too Fast - Operators to Deal with Backpressure
  6. Too Much Sources? - Combining Observables
  7. Something is wrong - Testing and Dealing with errors
  8. More about Operators
  9. Composition
  10. A Real-Time Server
  11. A Real-Time Client

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