Protein-Protein Interactions: Computational and Experimental Tools

Protein-Protein Interactions: Computational and Experimental Tools 1st Edition

Book Name : Protein-Protein Interactions: Computational and Experimental Tools

Edition : 1st Edition | | ISBN : 9789535103974

Category : Medical

Format / Pages : PDF - 484 Pages

Book Description

Protein-Protein Interactions: Computational and Experimental Tools pdf

This book has gathered an ensemble of experts in the field, in 22 chapters, which have been broadly categorized into Computational Approaches, Experimental Approaches, and Others. 

Part 1 Computational Approaches
1 Computational Methods for Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Sites
2 Advances in Human-Protein Interaction - Interactive and Immersive Molecular Simulations
3 Protein Interactome and Its Application to Protein Function Prediction
4 Integrative Approach for Detection of Functional Modules from Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
5 Mining Protein Interaction Groups
6 Prediction of Combinatorial Protein-Protein Interaction from Expression Data Based on Conditional Probability
7 Inferring Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) Based on Computational Methods
8 Slow Protein Conformational Change, Allostery and Network Dynamics
9 Prediction of Protein Interaction Sites Using Mimotope Analysis
10 Structural Bioinformatics of Proteins: Predicting the Tertiary and Quaternary Structure of Proteins from Sequence
11 Computational Approaches to Predict Protein Interaction
12 G-Protein Coupled Receptors: Experimental and Computational Approaches
13 Computational Approaches to Elucidating Transient Protein-Protein Interactions, Predicting Receptor-Ligand Pairings
14 Finding Protein Complexes via Fuzzy Learning Vector Quantization Algorithm
Part 2 Experimental Approaches
15 In Vivo Imaging of Protein-Protein Interactions
16 NMR Investigations on Ruggedness of Native State Energy Landscape in Folded Proteins
17 Conformational and Disorder to Order Transitions in Proteins: Structure / Function Correlation in Apolipoproteins
18 Protein-Protein Interactions in Salt Solutions
Part 3 Others
19 Computational Tools and Databases for the Study and Characterization of Protein Interactions
20 Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: Structures, Evolution, and Application to Drug Design
21 A Survey on Evolutionary Analysis in PPI Networks
22 Scalable, Integrative Analysis and Visualization of Protein Interactions

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