Essentials of Medical Microbiology

by Sastry Apurba Sankar,K Sandhya Bhat,Janagond Anand
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Publication date:

Jun 2016


Sastry Apurba Sankar,K Sandhya Bhat,Janagond Anand




About this book
  • A single book that meets multiple requirements of both MBBS 2nd year exam and PG entrance exams.
  • More content, less pages, handy look, saves a student’s time.
  • Concise, bulleted format and to-the-point text, easy-to-read during examination.
  • Simple and lucid language makes the understanding easy.
  • Separate boxes for summary of laboratory diagnosis and treatment for quick review.
  • Schematic diagrams are drawn in a user-friendly manner.
  • More real images keeping in view the image-based MCQs in PG entrances.
  • Over 600 images and line diagrams and 300 tables and flowcharts incorporated.
  • Immunology and virology sections fully updated according to the current need.
  • Recent updated concepts in epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis and treatment have been included.
  • Advanced and newer topics are covered, such as H1N1, Ebola, Polio eradication, newer bacterial drug resistance mechanisms (ESBL, VRSA, VRE, XDR-TB) automations and molecular methods in microbiology, etc.
  • Clinical case-based essay questions and MCQs incorporated at the end of each chapter to reinforce students to prepare for future exams.