Discrete Wavelet Transform: A Signal Processing Approach

by D Sundararajan
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Publication date:

Jan 2017


D Sundararajan




About this book

Provides easy learning and understanding of DWT from a signal processing point of view

Presents DWT from a digital signal processing point of view, in contrast to the usual mathematical approach, making it highly accessible
Offers a comprehensive coverage of related topics, including convolution and correlation, Fourier transform, FIR filter, orthogonal and biorthogonal filters
Organized systematically, starting from the fundamentals of signal processing to the more advanced topics of DWT and Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform.
Written in a clear and concise manner with abundant examples, figures and detailed explanations
Features a companion website that has several MATLAB programs for the implementation of the DWT with commonly used filters

“This well-written textbook is an introduction to the theory of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and its applications in digital signal and image processing.”
– Prof. Dr. Manfred Tasche - Institut für Mathematik, Uni Rostock