Lung Cancer: Standards of Care

by Goetz Kloecker, Susanne M Arnold, Mostafa M Fraig and Cesar A Perez
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May 2021


Goetz Kloecker, Susanne M Arnold, Mostafa M Fraig and Cesar A Perez




About this book

An essential guide to the treatment and management of lung cancer Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, attributed mostly to environmental and behavioral factors. However, a diagnosis of lung cancer no longer means inevitable death. The new standards of care and a greater understanding of the etiology and biology of the disease has led to breakthroughs in patient survival rates that were not seen in the past. Standards of Care: Lung Cancer provides a solid foundation in the new principles approaching this disease. Presented in an accessible, quick-to-digest format, and written by leading experts in a variety of medical fields, this authoritative guide covers all the new procedures and treatment options and the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment, including immunotherapy and oncogene inhibition, and more. This is an essential resource for both practitioners and students studying for the boards or certification. Features Covers the most current treatments Continuous online updates on guidelines, new therapies, and studies Includes checklists, case studies, learning objectives, and clinical pearls Bibliography with listings of studies and trials Serves as an ideal resource for practice and board review