Apple Watch for Beginners

by Future Publishing Limited
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Dec 2016


Future Publishing Limited




About this book

Wearable technology has progressed in leaps and bounds in the space of just a few years and intelligent, intuitive smartwatches are finally a reality. In the Apple Watch, Apple has produced a device that is both beautiful and functional, and with the release of its much-anticipated Series 2 models, more and more people are discovering its uses. No matter which model you own, you™ll find quality craftsmanship coupled with a user-friendly interface. Not only that, you™ll be constantly surprised by just how much this little computer can do, especially with the enhancements brought on by the release of watchOS 3. Your Apple Watch can measure your health and fitness, keeping track of your activity and prompting you with a tap when you™ve been too inactive. You can answer calls, read your messages, view photos and make contactless payments “ it even tells the time! Read on to get started with this life-changing piece of tech.