ENSNARE: (A Sci-fi Alien Romance, Book 3)

by Christina
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Mar 2019






About this book
Lyrie I have three secrets, but I’ll share one with you. I’m falling for Khal, a Cheetakin shifter. But I won’t–can’t–let anyone know how I feel. Because, if the Regime who holds me captive discovers there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to keep Khal safe, well, they’ll use my love against me. Use him to break me. I must escape the compound and cross the desert to reach the relative safety of the Resistance. Before it’s too late. If I don’t get away, they’ll force us to come together, then steal the child we make for their evil experiments. Turn an innocent baby into a monster. So, I’ll fight my growing love for Khal and somehow, resist his touch. Khal There are secrets in my past. Things no-one outside my band-of-brothers will ever know. Guns, fangs, and claws for hire, the guys and I are tight, and I know they’ll never judge me for what I did. They don’t need to. I judge myself.And that’s why I have to be alone. That’s why I can’t allow Lyrie into my heart, into my life. Because loving her means death. But not necessarily for me.