Very Special Forces (Lexi Graves Mysteries Book 12)

by Camilla
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Mar 2019






About this book
Private Investigator Lexi Graves couldn’t be happier. All she has left to do is wrap up a case between a fighting married couple before she can focus solely on adding the finishing touches to her own wedding. That case is a snap to solve but a woman suddenly enters the detective agency with a puzzling request and Lexi decides to take a last-minute look into the matter. After all, the only other critical decision she has to make right now is choosing her bridal gown. Lexi’s client claims to have observed strange changes in her friend’s behavior but Lexi can’t find anything to suggest any serious problem, despite sharing the same hunch that something isn’t quite right. The deeper Lexi looks into it, the more concerned she gets, and the more likely it appears that her client’s friend could be in serious danger. Proving it, however, seems nearly impossible. Just to complicate things a little further, two men from Lexi’s past approach her with a desperate plea for her help after a priceless item is stolen. Certified, top secret discretion is required, lest a national incident be inadvertently triggered. Solving her cases before her wedding day arrives is a challenge by itself, of course, but if Lexi fails, the fallout could be far greater than she ever imagined.